Concrete Art Lux-Nova

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The company Lux-Nova is designing and making glass art. During a graduation project from the School of Monumental Art for the Building Environment, an artwork was made from Dalle-glass and concrete. Unfortunately, after two year, the concrete artwork started to burst. During two Bouwkundewinkel assignments, students of the TU/e did research on the optimal solution to […]

At home in the new GGZ building

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This assignment is about the reorganization of an historic building in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Especially the interior of the building does not meet today’s needs. The new function for this building is a home and office for GGZ. GGZ is a foundation providing specialist mental health care for people with a personality disorder, often in combination with an […]

Amphitryon Maastricht

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The accomodation of student association Amphitryon is planned to be demolished. Before this will take place, a new accomodation should be realized. Where the old location only had room for parties, drinks and aperitifs, the new building should be able to facilitate also a board room, conference rooms and an archive. This to extend the […]

Owner associations database analysis

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The client of this project was a former student at the TU/e and now member of an owner association – he questioned himself how beneficial it could be for owner associations to share a large database in which all financial documents can be shared, so that they could compare their expenses. The research of Silvijn, […]

ECO retreat Bali

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A team of five bachelor’s students initiated to design and build an ECO retreat for a friend in Bali. The students created a building made out of local materials, in collaboration with a Balinese contractor, the help of great workers and their own hands! In this, the students learned the importance of details, the impact […]

Woonwijk ‘t Hool façade analysis

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“Woonwijk ’t Hool” is a residential area in Eindhoven originated by initiative of its residents, designed by Van den Broek en Bakema architects. Since the area is built around 1970, the question arose how and if the strong urban plan and architecture have to be preserved. As part of the research investigating this question, the […]

MOHA, Move Dance Act

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Last year, MOHA teamed up with Bouwkundewinkel for an urbanism project. MOHA is a collaboration of artists, architects and designers in the environment of Amsterdam, focused on residents and how they create and use their living environment. They created the platform “Move.Dance.Act” for residents who’d like to create their own living environment. MOHA asked urbanism […]

Music Pavillion Valkenswaard

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VALKENSWAARD – It has already been a year and a half since the citizens’ initiative Muziekkiosk Valkenswaard (BIMKV) submitted an application for the design of a music kiosk at the TU Eindhoven Science Shop. Four master students started working on this object with a historical background. There were previously three different music kiosks on the […]

Summerlabb Eindhoven

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With the project Summerlabb, the Bouwkundewinkel looks back on a very successful project. The construction, which  once started as an assignment from us, is still in use. SummerLabb is the lab of festival land. Universities, knowledge institutions and sustainable companies interact, taste and smell festival or event visitors in an interactive way with (technological) innovations […]

Underground housing

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Last year the design of several (recreational) underground dwellings was treated in the assignment “Underground Housing”. These dwellings would be situated in a southern slope nearby Cottessen, South Limburg, and had to be as environment-friendly as possible: a minimal impact on landscape and maximal conditions in terms of sustainability were requested. Two students got to […]