Bouwkundewinkel in VIRTUe

I am Marianna, a Bachelor student in Architecture coming from Italy and I am the Communication Manager of VIRTUe. VIRTUe is a multidisciplinary student team participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe competition. We are building a house and designing an urban concept that transforms the built environment and inspires people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. As a Communication Manager, I take care of the image of VIRTUe towards the world. Even though this does not directly relate to my Architecture study, I am bringing my professional skills to the next level with this real-life project, in which the final product is as important as the process and its promotion. Among other skills, I am learning to develop a strong story for our project. A story is essential in the design process and the communication to the stakeholders. Most importantly, working in a student team like VIRTUe means to experience the multidisciplinary working environment, in which all disciplines need to collaborate to realize an integral innovative project. It is a valuable application of the knowledge gained in other courses within a unique and practical learning experience. This is why Bouwkundewinkel in VIRTUe allows me to contribute to a real project in a multidisciplinary team while tracking my personal development.