Mold basement – SER Complex 

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Students: C. Aalders, N. Verboven Tutor: T. van Druenen This report describes the investigation into the causes of mould growth in a 1960s house in Eindhoven’s Vaartbroek district. The problems included mould growth, cracks in walls, broken joints, and broken bricks in the façade of the house. As the authors are mainly focused on building […]

Overspore Facade facelift 

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Students: S. Cenalia, B. Ghadri, M. Grbovic Tutor: H. Schilpervoort For this assignment, the group was commissioned to work on a facelift of the entrances of the building Residentie Overspore in Eindhoven. It is a building complex accommodating expensive dwellings in one of the perfect locations in Eindhoven. It was of great significance to freshen up the entrances […]

Challenging Camping – RCN ‘Het Grote Bos’

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Students: L. Trávníková & R. Spoelstra Tutor: T. Veegeer In this project the students explored the possibilities to make RCN Holiday Park ‘Het Grote Bos’ more sustainable. A wide variety of topics are covered, including energy generation and savings, water collection and consumption, material use, food forests, visitor travel modes, and sustainability certifications. However, the […]

Railroad traffic induced vibrations 2.0

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Students C.T.H. Boons, C.H. Wong. Tutor: A. Koopman, S.N.M. Wijte Railway vibrations can be well experienced in the vicinity of a railway. The vibrations can be felt in different heights, which can also be experienced as a nuisance at different times. In the specific case, the clients experienced nuisance from railway vibrations in their home […]

Redevelopment challenge Woensel

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Students A. J. M. van Loon, J. J. T. M. Tutor: Sophie Rousseau In the Netherlands there is a lot of discussion whether the high-voltage lines should be laid underground or above ground. The connections that lie above the ground are often towering masts with bundled cables, which disturb visibility. In the Netherlands, there are […]

Villa Benoit

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Students: Alex van Eekelen, Da Sol Lee and Yanjun Li. Tutored by Wouter Hilhorst Last quartile, three students worked together on the design of Villa Benoit. The client asked them to work on a design for communual living by means of container construction, additonal to the transformation of an existing office-building.  A clear relationship was […]