Submit an application
You can submit an application by mail, telephone or the application form. We process the new applications once a week. During this meeting, we decide whether your application is suitable for students of the Built Environment. When we have approved the application, you will receive an e-mail. We will also notify you if your application has not been approved. The costs for offering your assignment to students will cost you 15 euros once. When we have received the 15 euros, the assignment will be offered to the students on our website and within the faculty.

Waiting time
The assignments within the Bouwkundewinkel are carried out by students at the Faculty of the Built Environment as an free elective. An academic year consists of four quarters in which students take courses. For you this means that the assignment will be carried out in one of these 4 quarters. These quarters start roughly in September, November, February and April. Besides that, we depend on the interests of students for projects of the Bouwkundewinkel. Students can register for a specific project. It is therefore possible that your project will not start at the next moment. So keep in mind that it may take a few months before your assignment will be executed by our students. We will keep you informed whether or not students have registered for your assignment.

The elaboration
Based on the number of registrations a group of students will work on your assignment. This group usually varies from 1 to 4 students. These students will contact you to obtain the necessary information for their research and to schedule a location visit. For students, contact with the client is an important part of the assignment. These students will work on your assignment for about 8 weeks under the supervision of a professor of our faculty. You can therefore make sure in the end the result will be sufficient.

The end result
The final result will be an advisory report with the recommendations of the students. This means that it can not be applied one-on-one in practice, but serves as a tool to help you further with your research or problem. Generally, a contribution of 200 euros is requested to profit organizations and private individuals for a completed project. Despite this contribution, it remains our aim to be accessible to everyone. Do not let the contribution for profit organizations or individuals deter you and do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have any problem or research concerning buildings, living or the living environment, in which you would like the help from students. Fill in an application form and we will contact you soon!