Own initiatives

Own Initiatives

At the Bouwkundewinkel you can choose to do a predetermined assignment from one of our clients. You work on an assignment we formulated for you. However it is also possible to start your own Bouwkundewinkel assignment. You will still be tutored and graded by  one of the professors at our department, but you will formulate and work on your own assignment.  If your work is sufficient you will get 5 ECTS for your work.

There are some conditions your assignment has to meet to get 5 ECTS:

  • Your assignment should still come from practise. You should have an actual client with a research/problem related to the built environment.
  • As this is a scientific course, your assignment should contain some research asspect.
  • You should be able to spent approximately  140 hours of study on your assignment, as you will get 5ECTS for it

If you think that you have an assignment which fit all the criteria above, you can send us an email with your own initiative. We will then decide if your initiative fits our criteria and find you a suitable tutor.