Master Students

The Bouwkundewinkel provides assignments for both Bachelor and Master students of the Built Environment. You can choose a Bouwkundewinkel assignment as a free elective for 5 ECTS. Below  you can find an overview of the available Graduate School assignments for upcoming quartile. This overview is just to provide information on the available projects. If you want to register for the course you have to do this on Osiris  based on the course code: 7KS3M0. From there you can choose your assignment by registering yourself in a sub-group. Only then your registration is complete. Note that there are limited amounts of places for each assignment.

Acoustic Neighbor noise

Inhabitants of a semi-detached dwelling want you to find out where a contact noise comes from, and how to get rid of it.

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New solutions integrated floorheating

Unifloor Underlay Systems want to create floor heating in between two MDF layers, by means of heat transferring glue.

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House in the forest: a waterproofing problem

The high air humidity in the basement causes big trouble. Are you the student who can help find a solution for this problem?

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Sustainability indicators for buildings

If you are interested in analyzing buildings concerning their materials and energy consumption, then subscribe for this challenge!

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