Commissioner of Public Relation

Currently, we are looking for a PR for our team. As the commissioner of Public Relation you will be responsible for the promotion (materials) of the Bouwkundewinkel and you will be supporting the day-to-day functions and be the connecting factor between students, teachers and clients.

For this position, you will be present at our office 1 time a week and participate in our weekly meetings.

Website editor

For the website editor, we are looking for someone who is familiar with WordPress. Lately we have lost the overview of the website and we are looking for someone who can help us put everything back together, as a one time thing. We would like to schedule an initial interview, for which we will pay you €25,-

During this interview we would like to discuss everything that needs to be done for the website and the time period. Based on the estimated work, we will discuss the compensation you will receive.

We prefer someone with in-depth knowledge of WordPress and associated systems, like a Mathematics & Computer Science students.