Who are we?

Who are we?

The Bouwkundewinkel belongs to the Science Shops connected to the Eindhoven University of Technology. We help groups and individuals who have problems or questions in the field of the built environment, but do not have the financial means to call in a regular consultancy firm or building company.

In the Netherlands and Belgium there are a total of 12 science shops in 11 different cities. These science shops focus on the provision of information between universities and society. They do this by examining projects from practice. They help organizations, non-profit organizations and private individuals to realize ideas or solve problems.

As Bouwkundewinkel Eindhoven we can help you in the field of building, living and the living environment. Our projects already ranged from examining a moisture problem to the transformation of a primary school. As a client you will receive an advisory report with the results at the end of the project. See procedure for more information about our ways of working.

The Bouwkundewinkel Eindhoven consists of a team of four students studying at the faculty of the Built Environment in Eindhoven. In addition, we are supervised by an employee at our faculty, Faas Moonen. Our task is to place the interesting  applications that we receive in an appropriate way in the education of our faculty. Students at our faculty can carry out this application as an assignment within their study. Students who will work on a project are supervised by a lecturer within the faculty and one of our employees. Here we differ from other Science shops, in which the employees themselves work on the projects.

Do you also have an problem concerning any aspect of the built environment? Submit a form with the problem or idea you have. Do not hesitate to submit an application, even though you may think your question is not suitable for us. We will process every request and work with you to see if we can come to a suitable project.