BachelorBuilding physics

Mold basement – SER Complex 

Students: C. Aalders, N. Verboven Tutor: T. van Druenen

The client had a request to do research on the moisture and humidity problems at his home. Previous reports on the issues in the client’s home attributed the issues to the fact that the basement is constantly wet which leads to a constant wet concrete floor and wall. This again leads to mould growth and an unpleasant smell. The lack of a waterproofing layer between the concrete foundation and the rest of the structure could be the root cause, since this leads to capillary suction. The students from Bouwkundewinkel, in consultation with the client, have done simulations in order to investigate what the effect of a waterproofing layer and insulation could have on the indoor environment. Unfortunately, capillary suction could not be simulated and therefore it was difficult to give recommendations based on the simulations. Although, in the case of a situation with merely heat transfer and vapour transfer and no capillary suction, adding insulation and a vapour tight foil on the bottom of the floor could improve the situation at the client’s house.