Pop-up Korein: BAMBII

Korein Kinderplein provides childcare for children between 0 and 13 years. They have more than 110 locations in the eastern part of Noord-Brabant and thus there is always a lot going on. Now they want to look into a pop-up daycare which they can use at certain specific moments when there is a sudden demand for this, e.g. during an event. The students were asked to make a design for such a pop-up daycare.
After setting eight requirements the students came to three visions.

Figure 1, prototype

The third one (figure 1), a design based on a tent, is chosen especially because of its sustainability and portability. The main focus points for the elaboration became:

-Flexibility: Create a “fun” structure which can be built as different shapes and area

depending on the demand .

-Aesthetics: It will be fun to be inside the enclosed structure but also still aesthetically

pleasing from the outside.

-Sustainability: Use of bamboo sticks to encourage and alert the children about

constructing a sustainable world

-Portability: Compact for storage and transportation

Bamboo will be the most important building material for the structure. Between the permanently connected (figure 2) bamboo sticks a textile skin will be present. This combination will provide the possibility to create (semi-)enclosed spaces while the weight is very low (figure 3). Figure 4 shows the possible arrangement of the tents, so that there is personal space and space for group activities.

Figure 2, permanent connection

Figure 3, impression

Figure 4, functions and zoning