The Bouwkundewinkel

The Bouwkundewinkel belongs to the Science Shops connected to the Eindhoven University of Technology. We help groups and individuals who have problems or questions in the field of the built environment, but do not have the financial means to call in a regular consultancy firm or building firm.

The Bouwkundewinkel Eindhoven consists of a team of four students studying at the faculty of the Built Environment. In addition, we are supervised by an employee at our faculty, Faas Moonen. Our task is to place the interesting applications that we receive in an appropriate way in the education of our faculty.


Office hours

On Monday opened 9.00-12.30 h

On Wednesday opened 09.00-12.30 h

Other moments by appointment only

Submit an application

We handle applications in the field of building, living and the living environment. Do not hesitate to submit an application because you may think your request is not suitable for the Bouwkundewinkel. Maybe we can still help you or refer you to another institution that can help you. We can help you best when you describe your idea or problem as extensively as possible. It can not be extensive enough for us. The more information we receive, the better we can assess the application. A full explanation can be found on the Submit request page. Also check out the page procedure, so that you get an idea on what to expect.


The latest news

Roofterrace Sectie Associations Bouwkunde

Students: L. Matal, J. Beurskens. Tutor: F. van Schie Two feasible options are suggested for the roof terrace on top of the bridge between Vertigo and Zwarte Doos. It creates an outdoor space where people can meet, relax and gather. In the future, a deeper investigation can be done about the exact costs and the […]

Railroad traffic induced vibrations 2.0

Students C.T.H. Boons, C.H. Wong. Tutor: A. Koopman, S.N.M. Wijte Railway vibrations can be well experienced in the vicinity of a railway. The vibrations can be felt in different heights, which can also be experienced as a nuisance at different times. In the specific case, the clients experienced nuisance from railway vibrations in their home […]

Redevelopment challenge Woensel

Students A. J. M. van Loon, J. J. T. M. Tutor: Sophie Rousseau In the Netherlands there is a lot of discussion whether the high-voltage lines should be laid underground or above ground. The connections that lie above the ground are often towering masts with bundled cables, which disturb visibility. In the Netherlands, there are […]

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