The Bouwkundewinkel

The Bouwkundewinkel belongs to the Science Shops connected to the Eindhoven University of Technology. We help groups and individuals who have problems or questions in the field of the built environment, but do not have the financial means to call in a regular consultancy firm or building firm.

The Bouwkundewinkel Eindhoven consists of a team of four students studying at the faculty of the Built Environment. In addition, we are supervised by an employee at our faculty, Faas Moonen. Our task is to place the interesting applications that we receive in an appropriate way in the education of our faculty.

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We handle applications in the field of building, living and the living environment. Do not hesitate to submit an application because you may think your request is not suitable for the Bouwkundewinkel. Maybe we can still help you or refer you to another institution that can help you. We can help you best when you describe your idea or problem as extensively as possible. It can not be extensive enough for us. The more information we receive, the better we can assess the application. A full explanation can be found on the Submit request page. Also check out the page procedure, so that you get an idea on what to expect.


The latest news

Underground housing

Last year the design of several (recreational) underground dwellings was treated in the assignment “Underground Housing”. These dwellings would be situated in a southern slope nearby Cottessen, South Limburg, and had to be as environment-friendly as possible: a minimal impact on landscape and maximal conditions in terms of sustainability were requested. Two students got to […]

Living Lodge, Wageningen

The University of Wageningen came to Bouwkundewinkel with a multidisciplinary assignment, in which they asked for a design of a so-called living lodge. This is a movable sleeping accommodation which not only serves, but also attempts to improve the ecological system of its surroundings. When the ecological values then reached a sufficient level, the lodge […]

MOHA, Move Dance Act

Last year, MOHA teamed up with Bouwkundewinkel for an urbanism project. MOHA is a collaboration of artists, architects and designers in the environment of Amsterdam, focused on residents and how they create and use their living environment. They created the platform “Move.Dance.Act” for residents who’d like to create their own living environment. MOHA asked urbanism […]

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