Concrete Art Lux-Nova

The company Lux-Nova is designing and making glass art. During a graduation project from the School of Monumental Art for the Building Environment, an artwork was made from Dalle-glass and concrete. Unfortunately, after two year, the concrete artwork started to burst.

During two Bouwkundewinkel assignments, students of the TU/e did research on the optimal solution to minimize the cracking. Last year, a student concluded with the recommendations of the composition of mortar, fibers and glass. The pictures beneath show various tests that were done during this project.

The last project related to this question was to find sustainable concrete which can be used for the next artworks of Dalle de Verry of Lux-Nova. The involved student did a research with testing different types of concrete on aesthetic value, work ability, shrinking (cause of the cracks) and strength. The results of these tests were combined into a new test by making testing panels. Finally the student gave an advise on how to use a optimal composition of concrete, fibers and glass.