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Workshop ‘Open building’

Workshop ‘Open Building’
with John Habraken and Jo Coenen
City Hall Amsterdam
March – June 2021
University of Hong Kong
TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology

Recently, there has been a growing interest in a number of themes in architecture that can be traced back to the ideas of Professor John Habraken and the SAR.

John Habraken is one of the founders of the concepts of ‘open building’ and resident participation in architecture. His 1961 manifesto “The Carriers and the People” and subsequent work is thus an important basis for the currently important themes of sustainable circular construction and co-creation.

In this workshop, John Habraken’s theory is examined by transforming the design for the town hall while retaining the bearer. The research examines how the design for the city hall can be adapted to the current use of the city hall in combination with a partial transformation of the functions within the structure.This involves supplementing the components of the public building (town hall) with residential, shopping and work functions. A number of student groups will be working on the project.

Master’s students in architecture and structural design can register for this workshop (5 ECTS within the free course).If you are interested in participating or if you have a question or remark about this, please send an e-mail to