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Moveable Ecological Coffee House

Students: A. Alexandrov and T.S. Luinenburg. Tutored by ir. M. H. P. M. Willems

The goal of the project was to create a coffeehouse for a community initiative garden in Eikenburg. The project was to be made on a piece of land that did not allow for permanent construction. Visitors of the garden, and therefore the coffeehouse, would be the patients of the nursing home, which owns the land, volunteers and potentially local residents and students of the Sint-Joriscollege nearby.

Overall, the project presents a mixture of simple solutions that together create small, but multifunctional and flexible space. It uses simple construction techniques, a lot of which can be done by unqualified volunteers with help of a few professional carpenters. Finally, custom wooden details and local material sourcing symbolise the ideals of craftsmanship and local produce.