Railroad traffic induced vibrations 2.0

Students C.T.H. Boons, C.H. Wong. Tutor: A. Koopman, S.N.M. Wijte

Railway vibrations can be well experienced in the vicinity of a railway. The vibrations can be felt in different heights, which can also be experienced as a nuisance at different times. In the specific case, the clients experienced nuisance from railway vibrations in their home at Stationsplein in Helmond. The vibrations were first experienced after the construction of a tunnel under the railway line next to the central station in Helmond. Prior to this the clients also lived at the same location and experienced no nuisance from the railway.

The central conclusion of this inves­tigation is that according to the guidelines and target values of SBR B for nuisance, based on comparison of the results with the target values, there is nuisance in the flat of the clients.  Small measures could perhaps be taken in the flat, which would dampen the vibrations more. Furthermore, the clients were advised to use the document to enter into a dialogue with the parties involved for taking further action, since the nuisance of vibrations remains a complex theme, due to the (high) target values that are set in the SBR B guidelines for nuisance.