MOHA, Move Dance Act

Last year, MOHA teamed up with Bouwkundewinkel for an urbanism project. MOHA is a collaboration of artists, architects and designers in the environment of Amsterdam, focused on residents and how they create and use their living environment. They created the platform “Move.Dance.Act” for residents who’d like to create their own living environment.
MOHA asked urbanism students of the TU/e via Bouwkundewinkel to do research on their public actions. The aim of their research was to gain insight on transistors in the public space where MOHA performs. The students divided this in three phases: the space before MOHA’s performance, the space during MOHA’s performance and the space after MOHA’s performance. They did investigation in a lot of ways, using observation, photography, film, and analysis using literature and by creating maps.

You can find more information about MOHA via this link: