Project – MOHA Pottenberg

MOHA Pottenberg

MOHA is an Amsterdam-based artist collective. Operating outside conventional art institutions, they work in public spaces and with specific communities. Their projects aim to shatter their personal bubbles connecting with the day-to-day realities of people they might otherwise never encounter. Their work is research based and finds influences in many fields: theatre, performance art, documentary filmmaking, anthropology, urbanism, and activism among others.

As part of their latest project, Who Cares?, they joined the routines of residents of Pottenberg in Maastricht, researching their relation to home making and care. They have been given a flat in an apartment complex, also known as the Mammoth flat, to live and work there during the project. As part of the team, Bouwkunde students you will be able to use this apartment as well.

The building is planned to be demolished at the end of the year which influences the social dynamics of the neighbourhood. At the end of 2023, together with the residents, Moha will organise an event/festival to mark this moment and reflect on this change.

In order to complete their research, they would like to invite urbanist students to join us this research adventure. Problems or potentials can only be tackled if they revealed, that is why your specific analytic and graphic tools of urbanist would help them to analyse and map the history of the location and its actual evolutions. They need your collaboration to create a series of maps of Pottenberg. These maps will be based on the data and information they already collected in the neighbourhood but also on your complementary observations of the surrounding as urbanist/architect students.

Do you like to immerse yourselves into different environments and learn new working methods and approaches? Do you consider yourselves as a curious and creative mind? Are you ready to experiment with a diverse team of amateurs and professionals? If you aren’t afraid of social challenges and rough context, than join this onsite adventure and become part of this exciting multidisciplinary project.