Project – Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation in Maastricht

“We are a neighbourhood committee active in the neighbourhood of Scharn West in Maastricht ( Over the last year we have worked hard to produce an inventory of our neighbourhood and a vision ( ). Part of that vision includes a preoccupation with neighbourhood green, safety and climate adaptive capacity. We seek help from a few urban design/ planning students to develop scenarios for the greening of our neighbourhood, in relation to the broader efforts toward sustainability in the city, centering on the Groene Loper (former A2 corridor). We are currently also participating in a citizen budget process in Maastricht, and we would like to utilize the results of this design exercise to build a strategy for citizen participation in our neighbourhood.”

This project will focus on participatory urbanism aimed at sustainability and climate adaptation. The students will work on analyzing the neighbourhood spatially, socially and ecologically, and will propose scenarios for neighbourhood greening that improve safety, air quality and climate adaptive capacities.

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